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Environmental Heroes Acknowledged

Gashaw Tahir, founder of the Greenland Foundation, is using his own finances to support a successful land rehabilitation effort in rural Ethiopia that incorporates elements of employ ment, education, and land use training. The Green Award pro gram was initiated in 2006 and recognizes and celebrates achievements in sustainable resource use and environmental management, through publicizing and dissemination of good ideas and practices; and building political will of the government and commitment of donors to wards the environment. Funding for the program was provided by the Sustainable Land Use Forum (SLUF) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). Following the Green He roes award ceremony, the President and participants were invited to sign the manuscript "Seal the Deal" a UN World-wide Campaign on Climate Change that will be presented at the Copenhagen Climate Change negotiation in December 2009. According to Strike Mkandla, UNEP's representative to Ethiopia/UNECA/OAU, the "Seal the Deal" campaign was recognized by the Africa Ministers of Environment (AMCEN) in Nairobi last may and endorsed by the recent AU heads of state summit at Sirte in Libya.


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